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Shine Bright Like Some Bacon
Basic Infortmation
Genre Comedy
Created by PopToonsTV
Starring Adele
Country of Origin United States
Original Language(s) English
Original Channel PopToonsTV
Original Release December 20, 2012
"Mean POP Girls"

Shine Bright Like Some Bacon is the first cartoon in the PopToonsTV channel. It is the first cartoon overall.


Adele adds a personal twist to Rihanna's new hit single.


The cartoon starts with Adele popping up in the kitchen, where she is seen carrying a box of the dougnut pastry. She introduces herself to the viewers and shared her fondness of doughnuts. She eats one of the doughnuts from the box of doughnuts and tells the viewers that, "There's a bit of heaven in every bite." She eats another of one of the doughnuts and requests the viewers to remember, "A doughnut a day keeps the paparazzi away," with a smile worn on her face.

However, her smile disappeared as she warned the viewers to not tell the American singer Lady Gaga , whom she describes as an "attention whore," as she was worried that she might plagarize her idea like how Lady Gaga had plagarized Madonna. However, she moved on from the subject and tells the viewers that she loved the new song from the Barbadian singer Rihanna, better known as "Diamonds." She sings her own personal version of the song relating about food, without warning the viewers.

After finishing singing her own personal version of "Diamonds," as well as devouring the props used, Adele shared her fondness of food. She took a moment to laugh and had told the viewers that, "I think it sounds better when I sing it." She bids farewell as she has to win more of the Grammy awards, but immediately returns to finish the box of the doughnut pastry that she had left on the floor.

She passes gas whilst doing so and runs away whilst carrying two of the remaining doughnuts.


Major CharactersEdit



  • First appearance of Adele.
  • First mention of Lady Gaga.
  • First mention of Madonna.
  • First mention of Rihanna.
  • This is the first uploaded cartoon created by PopToonsTV to use three dimensional graphics.
  • This is the first uploaded cartoon created by PopToonsTV.