Scream and Shout Thumbnail
Scream and Shout
Basic Infortmation
Genre Musical
Created by PopToonsTV
Starring, Britney Spears
Country of Origin United States
Original Language(s) English
Original Channel PopToonsTV
Original Release May 7, 2013
"Booty and a Beat"
"Farty Minaj"

Scream and Shout (also known as Kill The Miners) is the fourth cartoon in the PopToonsTV channel. It shows characters animated as Mnecraft Characters.


Random Creeper:

Kill The Miners!

Minecraft Brit:

When you start to hear the mobs Minecraft goes black ops Better close all the doors Better go grab a sword When we up in the game Zombies want our brains Spiders want the same Ender's A creepy name See the mobs over there They looking over here Better spread torches They coming like roaches If ya playing Minecraft Better run real fast Cus skeleton's kick ass But Slime's are rad

Minecraft Will:

I'm Gonna Scream & Shout Cus the creepers are out Their in a bad mood I think it's our autotune We saying oh we oh we gotta dig We saying oh we oh just take the pigs I'm gonna Scream & Shout And Build a big house If they get too close They'll start to blow We saying oh we oh Dont get too close (x2)

Random Enderman: You are now now fucking with Enderman and..

Mr. Creep: Creeper Bitch!



  • First appearances of, Britney Spears.
  • This is the fourth uploaded cartoon created by PopToonsTV.