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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Singer
Biographical Information
Appearances 12
First Appearance Booty and a Beat
Last Appearance This Is What You Came For

Rihanna (full name Robyn Rihanna Fenty and on occasion RiRi) is a main character and one of the occasional reccuring characters on the cartoons by PopToonsTV, and first appeared in Celebrity Christmas Carol.


Rihanna is very interested in smoking and she is too high to function. She is a Barbadion.


Rihanna has light dark skin, black hair (usually Brown and Black or Red) and green eyes.

  • In "Retarded Celebrities," she has light skin and red hair and dresses in a black top under a black and white jacket.
  • In "Mean Queens," she has dark skin and red hair and wears a pink sweater, a yellow mini-skirt ad red shoes with a yellow heel

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  • A animated portrait of her with a big head is shown in Booty and a Beat.