Nicki Minaj
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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Rapper
Biographical Information
Appearances 12
First Appearance Mean POP Girls
Last Appearance MotorSport

Nicki Minaj (full name Onika Tanya Maraj) is a main character on the cartoons by PopToonsTV, and first appeared in the second cartoon.


Some of Nicki's personality traits come from her alter egos such as, Barbie, Roman, Nicki the Boss, Female Weezy, Ninja Nicki and Nicki Lewinsky. She can get tense when other people are offending her. Nicki is a rival of American rapper Lil' Kim.


Nicki has light skin and usually black hair, sometimes a weave, black eyes, a Chinese tattoo and she usually has a fake butt.

She has various appearances and outfits besides her redesigned appearance:

  • In "Mean POP Girls," she has light skin and a pink wig and is dressed the same outfit that she wore in the Booty and a Beat cartoon.
  • In "Pills N Potions," following her redesign, she has light dark skin, a white dress and white bunny ears.


  • "Relax Gag Face It's Me Nicki"
  • "It's Barbie Biitch"
  • "What The F*** Are You Doing, Adele?"

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