Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Retarted Celebrities
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Singer
Biographical Information
Appearances 6
First Appearance Mean POP Girls
Last Appearance Mean Queens

Lady Gaga is one of the occasional recurring characters on the cartoons by PopToonsTV, and first appeared in the second cartoon.


Gaga tends to feel confident but commonly, she could be offensive to the other characters, including her frenemy Adele.


Gaga has light peach skin and blonde hair and dark green eyes. She changes into alots of costumes

She has various appearances and different outfits:

  • In "Mean POP Girls," she has peach skin and yellow hair and dresses in two outfits, one that is from her video of Telephone and the other that is from her video of Paparazzi.
  • In "Retarded Celebrities," she has ark peach skin and green hair in the style of a bun and a bang dresses in a trash outfit.

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